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Early Years and Childcare

  • By London Councils

All local authorities in England have a statutory duty to secure free part time early education, 570 hours a year over no fewer than 38 weeks, for the 40 per cent most disadvantaged two year olds.

London Councils is working to support London boroughs ensure places are available for eligible children in London, ensure public recognition of how local government has achieved this and lobby Government for support to overcome challenges in the capital.

London boroughs are facing significant challenges to secure places in the capital due to:

  • limited places available across the London childcare market for two-year olds
  • central government funding not reflect the hourly cost of part-time childcare in London
  • lack of flexibility within the offer to meet the differing needs children.

London Councils commissioned the Daycare Trust, now known as the Family and Childcare Trust, to examine the type and scale of challenges the London boroughs are tackling to deliver the two-year old offer as well as identify emerging practice. A briefing providing an overview of this work is available on the right of this page.