About the team

Our priorities

Our children services team's policy work is focused on two priorities:

  • Leadership and partnership working which keeps children safe
  • Strengthening councils strategic leadership of the London schools system to support the delivery of world class, inclusive education for London's children and young people

We work closely with boroughs and a range of partners, including:

We also support the Association of London Directors of Children's Services (ALDCS) and host the London Safeguarding Children Board.


    Contact the team

    For further information about London Councils' policy work in this area, please contact:

    Head of Children's Services
    0207 934 9830
    Strategic Lead for Health & Social Care
    020 7934 9830
    Dianna Neal
    Strategic Lead for Enterprise, Economy and Skills (including Education)
    020 7934 9819
    Manager, London Safeguarding Children Board
    0207 934 9714
    Principal Policy & Project Officer - Education
    0207 934 9524
    Policy Support Officer - London Safeguarding Children Board
    0207 934 9683
    Serena Perry
    Policy Support Officer/PA - Children's Services
    020 7934 9846