Progression of College students in London to Higher Education 2007 to 2012

  • By London Councils

This is the second report on the Progression of College students in London to Higher Education (2007 to 12) that Linking London has commissioned from the Centre for Leadership and Enterprise in the Faculty of Education and Health at the University of Greenwich.

The report takes our understanding of London college learner progression a step further. Tracking nearly a quarter of a million level 3 students it allows us to see the work that colleges are doing to support progression. The addition of the Key Stage 4 data illustrates the work colleges have to do to compensate for lack of earlier achievement.

The findings show that of the cohorts of London college students, 77 per cent come from deprived neighbourhoods and 61 per cent are from black and minority ethnic groups. Coupled with the fact that the London colleges provide level 3 opportunities for students who were low Key Stage 4 achievers at school, many of whom go on to progress to Higher Education, this report reveals a significant role the sector has in the capital as a mechanism for social mobility.

The report was sponsored by London Councils Young People’s Education and Skills, Linking London, King’s College London and SOAS, University of London.


London Councils