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London Transport Policy Documents

  • By London Councils

London’s transport policy is influenced by variety of national, regional and local policies.


The Department for Transport produces guidance and sets policies to promote initiatives aimed at increasing levels of travel by sustainable modes of transport. 

The Future of Transport – White Paper sets out the Government’s long term strategy for a modern, efficient and sustainable transport system over the next 20 years. 

Planning Policy Guidance 13: Transport sets national policy on planning new development in relation to transport. 


The Mayor’s Transport Strategy is developed alongside the London Plan setting out the Mayor’s plans for London’s transport network for the next 20 years. 

The London Plan sets out a regional spatial development strategy for London. 

Transport for London produces a range of publications and information on cycling in London.  


Each London Borough’s produces their own transport policies which reflect the regional priorities of the Mayor’s Transport Strategy.  For more information on local borough policies go to London Boroughs section of our website.