Crossrail 2 support

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Our focus

London Councils supports Crossrail 2 and we are committed to working with the Mayor and Transport for London to secure its construction in London.

In August 2017 we responded to the Mayor of London's consultation on setting a new Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy (MCIL2) to support the funding of Crossrail 2. Our response sets out a number of areas where we sought further assurances from the GLA and TfL about the impact on boroughs setting their own Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) rates, as well as calling for shorter review periods given the uncertainty as Britain leaves the European Union. Our response can be read here

In January 2016 we responded to TfL's consultation on Crossrail 2, setting out our support for the railway, a position statement, and a set of parameters for its delivery. We referenced Crossrail 2 in our submission to the National Infrastructure Commission in January 2016 when it considered London's strategic transport needs; and together with South East England Councils and the East of England LGA we wrote to Lord Adonis expressing our support for Crossrail 2 in February 2016. 

We responded to the Crossrail 2 Growth Commission's Call for Evidence in December 2015, expressing our support for the regional route and the housing and economic growth that it can deliver for London and the wider south of England. Our response also addresses allocation of land use and the importance of providing all the infrastructure a community needs, and not solely housing, to make sure new houses meet people's needs. Our response can be viewed here. 

Following PwC's considerations of funding and financing options for Crossrail 2, we continue to explore ways that London as a city could contribute half the funding of Crossrail 2. 

In August 2013 Transport for London and Network Rail consulted on route options for Crossrail 2. Our response was developed following consultation with London boroughs.