Annual report 2008/09

  • By London Councils

Download the Capital Ambition Annual Report 2008/09

This is the first annual report from Capital Ambition.

This is the first annual report from Capital Ambition. A key part of London Councils, Capital Ambition is London’s Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (RIEP). This report looks back at our achievements over the past year and forward tour plans for the next three years – to support London local government and its partners in achieving the ambition of delivering: World Class Services for a World Class City.

Capital Ambition is at the forefront of new ways of working; exploring new models of service delivery to empower and engage communities and supporting the development of real ‘One Time - One Touch’ Services. It is leading work on helping London out of the recession and building resilience to maintain services within future tight fiscal settlements. It is also driving the delivery of significant efficiencies by helping authorities join up services and explore new commercial techniques, to improve the management of London’s £9 billion supply chain of support services.

Capital Ambition also supports innovative solutions to improve London’s response to the major challenges of climate change and worklessness, through the unique ‘London Collaborative’, a network of London’s public sector leaders.

It promotes collective action and delivery through enhanced partnerships working with key stakeholders to improve public services in London. Capital Ambition also provides individual support packages to those authorities in need of assistance and has a comprehensive engagement strategy with each London local authority to challenge present performance. This has supported London’s impressive achievement of 19 four-star authorities in the latest Comprehensive Performance Assessment(CPA).

Looking to the future, Capital Ambition supports the improved recruitment and development of members and senior managers;providing training and information events to enhance skills and knowledge and promote greater sharing of best practice and networking.

This major work programme over four years is governed by leading members, borough chief executives and senior partners, through the London Improvement Board and the Capital Ambition Programme Board. Members, chief executives and senior managers also play an active part in each of the supporting programme boards. These ensure a coordinated oversight and challenge, helping to maintain world class service delivery in the capital.

This report gives further detail of the impressive start to the delivery of the Capital Ambition strategy, as well as our continued intention to ensure that the public money invested in this new approach to sector-led improvement delivers benefits to Londoners and the wider community, and achieves the genuine acclaim of key stakeholders.