Data access review project

  • By London Councils

The funding for the London Cultural Improvement Programme came to an end in 2011.  This website will remain live to ensure that the learning and resources from the programme are still available.  For an overview of the programme visit the LCIP Index.

The London Cultural Improvement Programme's Performance Measures for London's Cultural Services (2007) identified that, although there is a wealth of historical data available in the cultural sector, much of it is inaccessible and not directly comparable with, relevant to, or compatible with an outcomes-based evidence requirement. These issues of data quality and a lack of a baseline position were also identified in the Lifting the Burdens Taskforce report and the Cultural Improvement Strategy for Sport and Culture report.

Capita Symonds were commissioned to undertake a data access review for the cultural sector in London; the related documents below offer the Final Report and Summary Report of the Cultural Data Access Review (completed in May 2010) for download. 

London Councils have undertaken a Data Share London project, which promotes good practice in data sharing and helps people ensure that data sharing is completed legally and fairly.

Also available as additional resources in the related documents are:

  • Audiences UK's Key Sources of Cultural & Sporting Data in England, which aims to bring together and explain in a straightforward way key sources of cultural data.
  • Working with Children's Services' Evidence databank is a collection of research and evidence on the impact of cultural and sporting activities on children and young people.  It provides links to relevant documents and websites along with brief descriptions of what each piece of research shows.  Perhaps most importantly, it can be sorted by outcomes, age of participants and type of activity so that you can identify the research that is most relevant to you. 
  • LCIP's Map of Best Practice is an interactive bank of cultural case studies broken down by London borough.

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