The Higher Education Journey of Young London Residents 2020

The research report of the Higher Education Journey of Young London Residents

  • By anna

London Councils and Continuum University of East London have been collaborating over the past several years to examine the higher education journey of young London residents.  As with its predecessors this report explores and discusses not only various aspects of achievement in higher education, but also provides a commentary on graduate employment in the context of higher education and employment opportunities in London.

Using data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, this report focuses on young people aged 18 to 24 whose home addresses are in London. The most recent data available is for the academic year 2018/19. Time series data is also used to illustrate trends over a twelve-year period. In addition, the data from 2017/18 is highlighted in the analyses, so there is two years’ worth of new data to examine. 

As in previous years, this research was undertaken to develop and contribute towards a better understanding of the pattern of progression to higher education of young London residents and their achievement and progression on completion of higher education qualifications into employment or other destinations. Our hope is that the rich seam of data this report presents will also support the work of reimagining and renewing our city, making it a home for all the people of London.

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