Item 7 - Climate Change Strategy and Resource Transfer (23/21L)


This report highlights London Councils activities on the climate change agenda over the past year through the Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) and describes key elements of London Councils 2021/22 Climate Change Strategy previously adopted by both TEC and London Councils Executive. 

This is a very important year for climate change policy and TEC is ambitious in the outcomes it wants to achieve and willing to resource this ambition. Expenditure on climate change related activities are however outside TEC’s authority and this paper therefore seeks agreement from Leaders’ Committee that the ambitions should be met with the additional resource transfers as outlined in Paragraph 9.

The Committee is asked to:
1. Note progress on climate change policy to date and the strategy for 2021/22; and
2. Approve the proposal for a transfer from the Transport and Environment Committee to the Joint Committee to resource climate change activities to March 2024 (paragraph 9).