Item 5 - Supporting Councils to improve services and practice by addressing Racial Inequality (L10/20)

This report provides an overview of:
(a) The work that Leaders’ Committee initiated in July 2020 to support councils in tackling racial inequality.

(b) An outline of some immediate opportunities for London local government to collaborate and exchange promising practice.

(c) London Councils’ corporate engagement with this agenda, as encapsulated in a draft statement.
Leaders’ Committee is asked to:


1. Note the progress made to date in co-designing a programme of activity with the Portfolio Holder and senior borough officers.

2. Note and comment on the emerging model for the programme of work set out in the diagram at Appendix A.

3. Agree the draft statement set out in Appendix B, which was commended to Leaders’ Committee by the Executive at its meeting on 8 September 2020