Phase Two

  • By London Councils

The funding for the London Cultural Improvement Programme came to an end in 2011.  The web pages remain live to ensure that the learning and resources from the programme are still available.  For an overview of the programme visit the LCIP Index.

Delivering Value Through London's Cultural Services was a pan London programme that built on the initial phase of the London Cultural Improvement Programme funded by Capital Ambition.  It aimed, in a difficult economic environment, to enable cultural services to deliver value by striking a balance between process and efficiency and delivering effective services that were aligned closely to wider outcomes.

Phase two introduced 6 new works strands, that ran concurrently with ongoing phase one strands:

Engagement in LCIP: Individual reports for each London borough on local authority and cultural organisation engagement in the programme.

The successful bid documents submitted to Capital Ambition for the second phase of the London Cultural Improvement Programme are available to download from the related documents below along with the closure report that was submitted in April 2011.  This material by the London Cultural Improvement Programme is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Please link to this page when providing attribution and credit the London Cultural Improvement Programme.