Item 5 - Business Plan 2020/21 (E3/20)


The Chair wrote to the Executive on 20 December proposing that the 2020/21 Business Planning process be underpinned by a longer collective discussion by the Executive. This report aims to help facilitate that larger, collective Executive discussion.
The Executive is asked to:
• discuss the emerging draft content for the 2020/21 Business Plan
• identify clear areas of priority for collaboration, in particular as a result of the General Election and the emerging policy context nationally
• identify clear areas of priority in the context of the forthcoming Mayoral election and ways to promote the type of equal partnership and collaboration with the Mayor previously espoused by the Executive and captured in the recent London Councils publication aimed at all Mayoral candidates
• highlight any specific areas that the Executive believe need to be assigned much higher, or lower priority in terms of focusing activity and resource
• agree that officers’ work with Executive portfolio holders to produce a draft Business Plan for comment by Leaders’ Committee on 24th March. Final changes and amendments will be considered by the Executive on 19th May.