LEDNet and ADPH London Joint Position on Air Quality

  • By ArafatJalal

Air pollution is a major issue in London, contributing to nearly 9,500 premature deaths every year. The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) London and London Environment Directors' Network (LEDNet) have prepared a joint statement addressing issues around air quality and the best way to respond to the challenge of cleaning London's air pollution. They have suggested six priority recommendations to support cleaner air for Londoners: 


  1. Advocating for at least 2.5% of UK annual GDP to be spent on tackling air quality and climate change in the UK
  2. Protecting children from exposure to poor air quality
  3. Supporting a shared narrative and campaign on air quality and public health impacts across London
  4. Restricting driving across the city
  5. Reducing our own contribution to air pollution by through the use of public sector procurement and social value action
  6. Speaking as one voice as boroughs to secure necessary resources and powers


You can download the executive summary here.

You can download the full joint position on the left hand side of this page.