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21 Mar

Boroughs and Businesses Seminar

This seminar looks at good practice from across London on how boroughs engage with and support their local businesses.

We will also hear from business groups on their views about how boroughs can best promote the local economy.

This event will help inform London Councils work on developing a Charter for Business, setting out with business how we work better together, promoting inclusive economic development.


  • Introduction – aims and objectives

Stephen King, Head of Business and Enterprise London Councils.

  • What do small business want from a business charter?

Matthew Jaffa, Senior Development Manager Federation of Small Businesses

  • Business engagement – what does business want?

Andrew Dakers, Director, West London Business

 The Boroughs approach

  • Approach to business engagement and delivering a more coordinated approach

Mathieu Rogers, Area Regeneration Manager, LB Hackney

  • Camden’s Charter for Business and developing a single digital portal for business

Patrick Jones, Business Growth Manager, LB Camden

  • Brent’s approach to business engagement

Kaya Chatterji, Economic Development Manager, LB Brent


Roundtable discussions

The outputs would be captured and used to start to develop a template for the key principles of a Charter for Business. 

  1. Business Engagement:
  • Setting the objective and process for business engagement
  • What does effective business representation look like?


  1. Making a more business responsive borough:
  • Delivering a corporate approach to business


  1. Business Charter:
  • Defining the key features for a business charter
  • Measuring its impact