How we make decisions

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Schedule of Member meetings and meetings open to the public

A full list of London Councils' forthcoming meetings

Agendas, officers’ reports, background papers and minutes of committees, sub-committees and standing forum meetings

Please see the Committees section e for copies of the agendas, reports, papers and minutes for the meetings of London Councils' committees.

Facts and analyses of facts used for decision making

Facts and analyses of facts used for decision making are included in the papers that are discussed by London Councils’ committees.

Please see the Our key themes section for further facts and analyses of facts relating to the following policy areas:

Public consultations

Public consultations are not conducted by London Councils unless in the context of service delivery which will be advertised by services individually.

Terms of reference for decision making

Please see the Terms of Reference and Standing Orders for London Councils’ committees, both of which are available on our website.

The decisions which are delegated to London Councils officers are listed in the Scheme of Delegation to officers.