Annual parking enforcement and appeals statistics published

  • By Gemma Kappala-R...

Today London Councils is publishing data on parking enforcement and appeals in the capital during the 2017-18 financial year.

This year’s figures show that London boroughs and TfL issued 5,616,402 penalty charge notices (PCNs) for parking and moving traffic contraventions in 2017-18.

Traffic and parking rules and regulations are essential to our daily lives. Without them London’s streets would be far more congested and less safe for everyone. 

PCNs are issued by London boroughs and TfL when drivers fail to follow the rules of the road. Enforcement is necessary to incentivise a small minority of drivers to travel and park in a safe and considerate manner, as the vast majority of drivers do. 

The overall number of PCNs issued increased this year by almost 10 per cent compared to last year. 

If drivers believe they have received a PCN in error, they are encouraged to appeal to the authority that gave them the ticket. If they are not satisfied with the authority’s response, they can also take their case to be considered for free by an independent adjudicator at London Tribunals. 

Cllr Julian Bell, Chair of London Councils’ Transport and Environment Committee, said:

“The management of traffic and parking in London is an essential service, provided by London’s boroughs and TfL, which keeps London moving. 

“I am pleased to say that the vast majority of road users in London understand and abide by the rules that are there to help and protect them.

“London boroughs and TfL only issue PCNs when they believe they have evidence that a breach of parking or moving traffic rules has occurred. All PCN income goes towards paying for the provision of essential traffic and parking services, with any surplus funding invested in other important transport projects such as the Freedom Pass concessionary travel scheme for older and disabled Londoners.”


Click here to download the statistics.

For more information on London Tribunals, the capital’s free and independent appeals service, visit