STEM Conference Booking Form

London faces a considerable skills shortage in a range of STEM industries, including computing, life sciences and engineering. How do we ensure young Londoners have the education and skills to meet the demand and take advantage of this opportunity?

Given the anticipated challenges facing London as a result of leaving the European Union and general shifts in the labour market, there is a need to address the capital’s future skills challenges in STEM industries now through inspiring and engaging young Londoners.

This all-day conference will enable education and business leaders to explore opportunities that already exist, find new ways of working together and build a coalition for innovation in London education and employment. Delegates will be able to hear from a range of exciting speakers from the world of STEM and business on the importance of better mobilising more young people in this area. London local government and business leaders will also have the opportunity to network at the conference to share and explore innovative local opportunities for young people to introduce them to and cultivate an interest in STEM.

You can see the agenda here.