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LeanLinking: social supplier relationship management



Contract management is a significant challenge for local government.  There are only a limited number of dedicated contract managers as it is a specialised area.

LeanLinking provides a cost-effective solution for effectively managing contracts by seamlessly connecting to stakeholders/residents and making it easy to identify whether a contractor is performing well or not.

LeanLinking is a cloud-based system, built by procurement practitioners to help organisations manage complex contractor relationships and to give organisations new insight into the quality/service delivered by contractors across the organisation. It highlights any lack of quality/standards/service in the deliveries from contractors, by engaging stakeholders and receivers of services through surveys and other feedback loops, to enable contract managers to take prompt corrective actions and ensure future deliveries are of a higher quality.


  • Build for contractor and supplier management.
  • All contractor service and performance data in one place.
  • Seamless stakeholder/resident’s engagement and feedback.
  • Seamless contractor transparency, engagement and sharing.
  • Social collaboration with contractors online ensuring corrective actions are taken to improve cooperation.


  • Proactively manage more contractors with fewer resources.
  • Ensure ‘value for money’ by closely tracking contractors’ service and performance and enforcing reimbursements where needed.
  • Provide savings of up to 0.5% of the whole contract value after using the service.
  • Tracks and improves contractors’ quality and standards on their deliveries.
  • Getting stakeholder feedback to understand the quality of service from the contractors.


Flemming Laursen, Commercial Director

07590 359 093 – [email protected]