London boroughs to quadruple the number of electric vehicle charging points next year

  • By jourdanwongmuhammad

A survey of London boroughs reveals that they are set to deliver over 2,600 charging points across the capital, in the next financial year, delivering an effective network of charging points to residents and businesses across the capital.

Boroughs have procured and installed a range of charging points, having secured relationships with different network operators, to ensure there is a growing offer to meet the need of local communities. 

Since January 2017 London boroughs have installed 644 charging points, London Councils data reveals there will be at least another 2,630 charging points installed by 2018/19, an increase of over 300 per cent. London boroughs are leading the rest of the country in installing the necessary infrastructure for their communities, offering a range of solutions that limits street furniture and minimises costs.

The charging points installed include a mixture of slow (3kwh, mainly lamp columns), fast (7-22kwh) and rapid (50kwh+) charging solutions, strategically placed to meet the demand of local areas as well as encouraging the switch to electric. 

In 2015 London Councils, together with TfL and the Greater for London (GLA) submitted a successful bid to the Go Ultra Low City Scheme (GULCS) run by the Officer for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), which outlined the shared ambition of making London “an ultra low emission vehicle capital”. 

Cllr Julian Bell, London Councils’ Chair of Transport and Environment Committee, said

“The harmful effects of poor air quality and pollution on our communities are clear and London boroughs are actively responding to this issue. These figures highlight our commitment to delivering environmentally friendly transport solutions by growing electric vehicle charging infrastructure for our residents.

“London boroughs are engaging with their communities and developing solutions tailored to local needs. It is essential we continue to do so and take people with us. London Councils will continue to work with our partners in delivering a modern and environmentally sustainable capital city for the future.”


Notes to editors:

London Councils surveyed boroughs earlier this year, the responses received show that 644 charging points have been installed since January 2017. They have secured agreements with different network operators and with assistance by Go Ultra Low City Scheme (GULCS) funding, expect to install at least 2,630 in 2018/19. 

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