London Councils' response to the merging of health and social care into one portfolio

  • By jourdanwongmuhammad


Cllr Ray Puddifoot, ​London Councils’ executive member for adult social care, said:

“We welcome Government’s recognition of the importance of adult social care in their decision to add this responsibility to the Secretary of State’s portfolio. Adult social care forms a key part of the country’s health and care system and ensuring that both parts of the system are sustainable and working effectively is important for improving Londoners' health and care outcomes.

“London has a growing population in urgent need of adult social care services and there are massive pressures building up for the future. It is hoped that this recognition by the Government will allow collaborative working with our health partners to proceed at a quicker pace. Whilst this will undoubtedly deliver some financial efficiencies it will not solve the issue of underfunding in adult social care. London Councils has long championed the need for adult social care to be fully funded. In London alone the cumulative funding shortfall for adult social care will be at least £300 million by the end of this Parliament. The future sustainability and quality of health and adult social care are inseparable.

“We hope that this indicates a step change towards deeper integration with healthcare, which is critical to the long term improvement of health of Londoners and sustainability of services.”