Shelter report on homelessness - London Councils statement

  • By Gemma Kappala-R...

Responding to the publication of Shelter's latest report, 'Far from alone: Homelessness in Britain in 2017', London Councils' Executive member for housing, Mayor Sir Steve Bullock, said:

"Shelter’s report illustrates that the number of people who are victims of our broken housing market is growing by the day. Nowhere is the situation more urgent than in London. It is unacceptable that so many Londoners are unable to afford a permanent home due to the lack of housing supply and the impact of welfare reforms.

“London boroughs are on the front line, helping people out of homelessness alongside the voluntary sector, and we are urging Government to help us. Central to this is boosting housing supply across the capital by removing the arbitrary restrictions on council investment in building new homes and reversing the 1% social rent cut, as well as driving further public and private investment in new homes.

“We also need the Homelessness Reduction Act to be fully funded by Government so that expanded homelessness prevention and relief services can realistically be delivered. In London this will cost around £77 million per year.”