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Venture Spotlight: MyCognition

So what’s it all about?

MyCognition is an app which helps you understand and improve how you think and learn. It is a combination of regular assessments you can take online, or on your phone, and a series of games and recommendations for good habits which can improve your cognition. The app also provides you with a report you can use to track your progress as you improve your cognitive health.

We spoke to Kieron Sparrowhawk, Founder and CSO of MyCognition

How did you get involved with London Ventures?

I am on the board of another company that went through the London Ventures programme and was keen to take MyCognition into the programme as well. The London Ventures team has unique experience and connections. Their contribution was invaluable.

What do you think is MyCognition’s unique selling point?

MyCognition makes mental health accessible to everyone, from cradle to grave, regardless of age, gender, race, culture and health state. We have simplified our modelling of mental health through our cognitive assessment and training programmes. We help people to recognise mental health as a continuum, from poor health verging on mental illness on the one hand, to self-control, management and leadership on the other.

To do this we have combined over one hundred years of neuropsychological research with digital technology to provide a unique self-administered assessment and training programme to boost individuals and groups’ cognitive fitness. We have scientifically validated our programmes with clinical research and real-world studies in conjunction with internationally renowned organisations.

MyCognition programmes include a practical and relevant introduction to cognitive fitness, confidential cognitive fitness reports, profile related updates explaining healthy habits to improve cognitive fitness, and a personalised cognitive training game, which trains the weaker areas of our cognition with the greatest intensity. The assessment can take as little as 15 minutes to complete, and the training 15 minutes per day, on any device in any setting, meaning everyone can access them. This makes the programme ideal to be adopted in the workplace, in the home environment, and in community settings using personal devices such smartphones and tablets.

Why is MyCognition an exciting opportunity for London local authorities?

It has been estimated that the yearly cost of poor cognitive fitness to the London Boroughs in the education sector amounts to over £1 billion, comprising £674 million for special educational needs, £156 million for youth crime, and £191 million for psychiatric disorders. The mental health cost in the working population sector is over £9 billion, and in the elderly/non-working sector is almost £3 billion.

The MyCognition assessment and training programme would reduce the social and economic burden of poor cognitive health for local authorities. For children MyCognition can improve their chances of completing their education and reduce the antisocial behaviour that often precedes entry into the criminal justice system. For adults MyCognition can increase the likelihood for those out of work to gain full-time employment, and improve the independence of the elderly and vulnerable to reduce long term institutionalised care.

Assuming the cognitive program reduces cost by 10% for each sector, the public purse should realise combined cost savings of about £1.3 billion.

At the same time the MyCognition programmes would significantly reduce the suffering associated with poor cognition and mental illness.

Why you should get involved

As an employer MyCognition can:

  • Improve productivity of staff
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Reduce absenteeism

As a local authority MyCognition can:

  • Improve educational outcomes for children
  • Support the independence of the elderly in your community
  • Assist vulnerable members of the community in building their cognitive health

Find out more…

If you want to understand how MyCognition can support your local authority, contact Keiron Sparrowhawk ([email protected]) or Lisa Henry ([email protected]).