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Item 12 - Leadership in the Third Sector: The role of London Boroughs and London Councils: Update Report (G12/17)


At its meeting of 23 November 2016, the Grants Committee agreed that London Councils officers should:
1.    Accept City Bridge Trust’s invitation to work with them in a strategic partnership and with other major stakeholders to ensure boroughs’ intelligence was represented in decisions on independent funding of voluntary sector infrastructure 
2.    Work with London Funders and other stakeholders on the implementation of the review into infrastructure, The Way Ahead - Civil Society at the Heart of London.
This was set out in a detailed work plan which was agreed by the Grants Committee.  This report provides an update on the work done to date, including the preparatory evidence base which is being prepared via a survey of boroughs for the first meeting of the Member Sub-Committee, which is scheduled for Tuesday, 18 July 2017.  


Members are asked to:
    Note the progress against the agreed work plan (at Appendix 1).
Specific attention is drawn to:
The development and rollout of a survey that London Councils has carried out with lead officers in all 33 boroughs.  This has set out to gather information on boroughs’ relationship with third sector infrastructure organisations in their area.  It asks questions about boroughs’ funding of this infrastructure, their approaches to commissioning from the sector and related issues. To date, 24 boroughs have replied to this, London Councils officers are analysing the results and encouraging the remaining boroughs to respond.  This research provides the evidence base for the first meeting of the member sub-committee and is a sound platform for the work on the remainder of the work plan.  A borough officer sub-group has been set up to provide advice to the work.