Wider South East collaboration

The Wider South East collaboration brings together politicians from London, the East of England and the South East of England to discuss opportunities for collaboration on issues of shared interest. London Councils nominates three London members and the Mayor of London also represents London. An officer working group progesses issues between political meetings. 

Infrastructure lobbying programme

The Wider South East has agreed 13 infrastructure corridors that would unlock growth and improve capacity. 

The joint letter to the SoS for transport can be found here. This includes a map and list of the 13 transport schemes the WSE is jointly lobbying on.

Barriers to housing delivery

The Wider South East met with the Housing Minister on 19 January to discuss barriers to housing delivery. We wrote in follow up outlining the mechanisms needed to improve upon rates of unimplemented housing permissions. The letter can be read here

Housing white paper

In addition to individual responses, the Wider South East responded to the consultation in April 2017 on the housing white paper highlighting issues of joint concern. This letter can be read here

More information

The Greater London Authority hosts a webpage with more information and meeting papers. You can view it here