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Item 6 - London Councils Corporate Business Plan 2017/18 (E20/6)


This report informs the Executive on the development of London Councils’ Corporate Business Plan for 2017/18. The timescale for this has been adapted this year to reflect: 

•    The absorption of revisions flowing from consideration by Leaders and the Executive of key issues highlighted in the London Councils Challenge process;
•    The cancellation of the formal Executive meeting in May owing to the calling of the General Election.

The draft plan includes statements of proposed purpose, key themes, work programmes and services for London Councils. 

This has been developed following discussions by the Members of the Executive in November 2016 and February 2017 on the outcomes of London Councils Challenge and at Leaders’ Committee in December 2016, February and March 2017. In addition, briefings and/or priorities have been shared with individual Portfolio Holders. 


The Executive is asked to:

•    Comment on the proposed purpose and themes for the organisation;

•    Comment on the proposed work priorities in Appendices One to Three;

•    Note that the Corporate Business Plan will be submitted for noting at Leaders’ Committee AGM on 11 July 2017 incorporating any comments/changes from this meeting.