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Venture Spotlight: Blue Prism


Ever wondered about robotic automation? 

It’s best understood by thinking of a software robot downloaded into your existing systems, processing data just like a person would, but at a fraction of the cost and time.

Blue Prism’s software allows entire back office processes to be automated, substantially improving efficiency for your local authority. 


So what’s it all about?

Blue Prism is used to re-engineer and automate back office processes, integrating systems across public services and enabling new ways of working – such as on mobile devices.
Staff time and costs currently absorbed by repetitive tasks can be redirected to higher value activities, for instance where people need to work directly with customers or utilise judgement-based problem solving.


We spoke to Simon Burton, Director of EMEA Alliances:

How did you get involved with London Ventures?

''With Public Sector organisations under enormous funding pressure, Blue Prism sees a huge opportunity for London councils to become more efficient and reduce cost by automating repetitive administrative tasks and allowing people to focus on front line services. Blue Prism has been involved for several years with London Ventures who offer unparalleled access to key decision makers in London. Their insight into where to focus automation efforts within a local authority is invaluable''.

What do you think is Blue Prism’s unique selling point?

''There are many automation solutions available today. Blue Prism is the only Robotic Process Automation solution that can deliver a scalable, secure Digital workforce that can be deployed across the entire range of council services and processes. Return on Investment and improvement of the Citizen experience can be delivered in months not years''.

Why is Blue Prism an exciting opportunity for London local authorities?  

''Blue Prism Robotics can be used across any function within the local authority to automate repetitive manual processing. Staff can be released to focus on customer facing work, improving their working lives and the lives of London Citizens. Blue Prism is delighted to be working with London Ventures and looks forward to meeting and working with many London authorities''.


Why you should get involved

Blue Prism is currently being implemented in Croydon Council, who are already experiencing a number of benefits:


  • productivity gains of up to 7 times in comparison to previous methods of data entry;
  • improved customer service and avoidance of regulatory breach due to increased accuracy of the robot; and
  • receiving a comprehensive exception report and full audit trail, which was not previously available


Blue Prism in a nutshell

A Software Robot can run 24 hours, seven days a week and achieve much higher efficiency during routine, repetitive, rule-based work. Data processed by Blue Prism’s software is collected quickly, securely and accurately, allowing for entire back office processes to be automated and overheads cut.


Find out more… you know you want to

If you want to get involved with Blueprism as a borough, contact Simon Burton ([email protected]) or Lisa Henry ([email protected]).

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