Venture Spotlight: Xantura



How do we protect our children if we don’t know they are vulnerable?

How can we unlock the power of data to strengthen safeguarding?

Xantura’s Early Help Profiling System (EHPS) is the answer to both these questions, keeping children safer through the use of predictive analytics. Intrigued yet? Read on…


So what’s it all about?

Simply put, it’s about Social Care risk management. Underlying the EHPS is a predictive risk model which brings together data from multiple agencies to identify children who are most at risk of neglect or abuse.

The system provides professionals with a risk profile of the most vulnerable individuals and families and supports more effective targeting of services and resources. It improves the quality of referrals through earlier visibility of risk and builds a statistical evidence base of the impacts of interventions in slowing or stopping escalation through risk bands.

It helps social workers intervene early and the entire system is used to support their professional judgement – not to override it.

Because Xantura are a clever bunch, the Early Help service can also be used across many other domains including Adult Social Care, Domestic Abuse and Housing.


We spoke to Wajid Shafiq, CEO of Xantura:

How did you get involved with London Ventures?

''Xantura’s strategic aim is to help our clients make better use of technology to support vulnerable citizens, particularly the most at risk. To be successful we need to engage with senior stakeholders in ambitious, forward thinking organisations and London Ventures has helped us by facilitating discussions with the right people''.

What do you think is EHPS’s unique selling point?

“The EHPS platform helps our clients unlock the value in their data, accelerate their adoption of advanced analytics and delivers cashable as well as cost avoidance savings.  Our ’plug and play’ implementation approach means that clients can augment existing single view, data analytics capabilities or use the EHPS platform to deliver an end to end advanced analytics process ''. 

Why is EHPS an exciting opportunity for London local authorities?

“On-going financial pressures and changing demographics mean that local authorities need to do a lot more with a lot less.  In this context, the EHPS platform has been designed to help local authorities unlock the potential of Early Help services across a number of business areas, including children’s, adult’s and housing.  By delivering this solution through London Ventures we are able to target our development work to better meet the needs of the region”.


Why you should get involved

The Social Care and savings benefits are almost too many to list (but we’ll have a go).

In the longer term the Early Help service should strengthen safeguarding across London’s local authorities, help more families have greater independence from intervention and improve families’ quality of life whilst cutting costs.

EHPS offers local authorities:

  • Savings of circa £120k from increased efficiency in Trouble Families (TF) teams.
  • Increased identification of Troubled Families (LA’s have already identified thousands of   families to receive support through their TF programme)
  • Improved access to multi-agency data, leading to increased efficiency in safeguarding teams, equating to circa £150K.
  • Identification of families and children at an earlier point than currently, leading to more targeted, effective interventions and a potential reduction in the number of safeguarding cases.  This could amount to cost avoidance of over £700K.
  • Reduced effort and improved quality of assessments through secure data sharing and collated views of families.


EHPS in a nutshell

EHPS highlights those at risk by sharing information across agencies in a secure way. It uses data to identify individuals and families and proactively steps them up or down into appropriate levels of need at the point of change in risk. The model includes an information sharing platform, an alert system which sends escalated risk scores to social work teams, and tools to support the engagement of families as risks escalate.  


Find out more… you know you want to

If you want to get involved with EHPS as a borough, contact Wajid Shafiq ([email protected]

Have a look at what else Xantura have developed and other innovative products in our portfolio on our current ventures page.