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Venture Spotlight: CommunityConnect


So what’s it all about?

CommunityConnect is an online tool that acts as a ‘satnav’ to services, enabling officers and residents to find accurate information about available support services in their local area. Within 4 minutes, any user should be able to find the solution most appropriate for their needs.


Community Connect uses a triage process with proven pathways that enable people to identify the issues they have across 7 key areas: 

  1. Welfare Benefits
  2. Housing
  3. Employment/Training
  4. Practical Support
  5. Health & Social Care
  6. Children / Young People & Families
  7. Safety & Wellbeing.


A diagnostic tool questions the user across these areas in order to tailor results based on their circumstances.  Users are provided with a level of information on services equivalent to that which could be supplied by a frontline officer.


We spoke to Avril McIntyre MBE, Founder of CommunityConnect:


How did you get involved with London Ventures?

I first found out about London Ventures (LV) through an officer at the Local Government Association.  We were talking about CommunityConnect and she thought it would work well as an LV initiative.  I then looked up the website and sent an email expressing an interest.


What do you think is CommunityConnect’s unique selling point?

We can all find information when we know what we are looking for, but if we don’t it becomes very difficult.  CommunityConnect ensures people get the right support when they need it simply by telling us what their circumstances are.  Our 4 minute triage process takes them to what support is available and who provides it in their local area.


Why is CommunityConnect an exciting opportunity for London local authorities?

At a time of financial pressure on Local Authorities, CommunityConnect ensures they provide residents with best support available to them by connecting up information on local services, maximising what is available across sectors.


Why you should get involved

CommunityConnect is designed to deliver better advice and support with less by supporting people to self-serve. Families and individuals often end up falling through gaps in provision as support can be hard to find, information can be outdated and services are not always joined up. CommunityConnect takes account of multiple needs and delivers relevant and accurate signposting to local services. This is not only quick, clear and simple, but also results in fewer and better targeted referrals.


CommunityConnect in a nutshell

CommunityConnect was created as a solution to the ongoing issue of access to useful and relevant information on local services. Driven by the desire to ensure people can access the help they need, when they need it, CommunityConnect works with Local Authorities to shape the development and implementation of information, advice and guidance pathways.


Find out more…

If you want to understand how CommunityConnect can support your local authorities, contact Avril McIntyre ([email protected]) or Lisa Henry ([email protected]).