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Item 6 - Leadership in the Third Sector (G8/17)


At its meeting of 23 November 2016 members of the Grants Committee approved the proposal that officers work with City Bridge Trust to take forward work from the review into third sector infrastructure support in London undertaken by London Funders (The Way Ahead: Civil Society at the Heart of London).

To steer the work of the strategic partnership between City Bridge Trust and London Councils, on behalf of the boroughs, and to effectively implement the key finding of the report - provide leadership in the third sector and influence the spend of a central pool of funding of independent funders - Grants Committee recommended that a working group of Committee members be constituted.


Members are asked to,
1.    Note that the detailed work plan for leadership in the third sector was agreed by the Grants Committee in November 2016.
2.    Note that budgetary provision of £75,000 for London Councils to undertake this work on behalf of the Grants Committee was agreed by Leaders Committee in December 2016. 
3.    Agree the terms of reference for the Third Sector Leadership Working Group set out in sections 2.4 and 2.5 of this report.