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Item 4 - CIV Update (L7/17)


Leaders’ Committee received its last update covering the progress of London CIV and the London LGPS pooling arrangements at its meeting of 9 February 2016. This report fulfils the commitment of London CIV to provide updates to Leaders’ Committee at regular intervals.

Lord Bob Kerslake (London CIV’s non-executive Chair) and Hugh Grover (London CIV’s CEO) will be attending the meeting to discuss any aspects of the report.


Leaders’ Committee is recommended to: 
i.    note the contents of this report; 
ii.    reaffirm its on-going support for London CIV;
iii.    agree to the commissioning of a governance review and agree the attached Terms of Reference and Scope; 
iv.    agree to the strategic direction set out in the budget and MTFS; and 
v.    make a commitment to work collectively across London authorities to transition assets as swiftly and efficiently as possible.