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Item 7 - Devolution and Public Service Reform (L7/17)


This paper reports on London government’s work on devolution and reform – including updates on current negotiations with Government in relation to:
•    Health devolution
•    Devolution of the Work and Health Programme

The paper goes on provide an update in relation to wider devolution issues including:
•    Discussions with Government – involving both the Mayor’s Office and London Councils – in relation to a broader reform package could be progressed as part of the March 2017 Budget.
•    The development of a broader narrative capturing London’s ambitions in respect of devolution.
•    The publication of the second report of the London Finance Commission on 27 January 2017.

This item provides Leaders’ Committee  with the opportunity to hear and consider the very latest progress in these negotiations.


Leaders’ Committee is asked to:

•    Consider and comment on the progress with London government’s work on devolution and reform. 
•    Provide guidance on shaping the next stage of London’s negotiations with Government.