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Item 5 - National Funding Formula for schools - stage 2 (E17/17)


The government published the second stage of its consultation into the Schools and High Needs National Funding Formula on 13th December 2016. This report sets out the government’s plans which includes an announcement of additional funding, a capping of overall funding reductions per school at 3% and a change to the proposed formula factors, which result in less funding leaving London than originally predicted. However, 70% of London’s schools will lose funding as a result of the introduction of the NFF. This report also sets out the current challenges and financial pressures facing London’s schools and outlines a position for London Councils to adopt in its ongoing lobbying work.


The Executive is asked to:
•    consider the impact that the introduction of the NFF, alongside the current financial pressures facing London’s schools, will have on school standards across the capital
•     consider the proposed position and next steps from London Councils set out in paragraphs 24-26