Greater London Provincial Council Job Evaluation Scheme Update 2016

  • By DebbieWilliams

It is accepted good practice to review job evaluation schemes periodically. The GLPC Job Evaluation Scheme has been in use since 2000.  In October 2015 the GLPC agreed that a “light touch” refresh of the GLPC Job Evaluation scheme should be undertaken in partnership with London Councils. 

The basic aim of the review has been to modernise the support materials used within the GLPC JE scheme and bring forward recommendations for updating the language to reflect modern day working practices in the guidance within the scheme where appropriate. The joint review was undertaken in consultation with regional trade union representatives and has resulted in the issuing of regional joint guidance on JE.

It is important to state at the outset that the review has not indicated any need for fundamental change. The GLPC Joint Secretaries are clear that the scheme is sound and robust and enables employers to produce appropriate job hierarchies based on relevant components. No changes have been made to the scheme’s factor level structure and associated weighting / scoring. 

The GLPC Joint Secretaries have now completed the joint work on updating the following documents:

  • Code of Practice
  • Procedural Agreement
  • The GLPC JE Scheme is not included here, as the scheme is sold under licence only.  Please contact Debbie Williams if you wish to find out more/use the scheme.


Copies attached for your information with all changes highlighted along with the updated versions.

It will be very important, even for those who are quite familiar with the scheme to read the updated guidance in detail to ensure that they take account of the changes.

None of the updated material precludes the development of local conventions/arrangements but users should remember that, as ever, any local conventions must be checked carefully to ensure that they are internally consistent and non-discriminatory.

As agreed in 2000 the GLPC scheme is free for London boroughs only.  Therefore, organisations that are not part of the legal entity of the London borough will need to purchase a GLPC JE licence via London Councils.  To clarify this includes all independent schools/academies even where the London borough provides the HR service.