Principles and priorities

London Councils Grants Programme 2017-21


  • Commissioning services that deliver effectively and can meet the outcomes specified by London Councils, rather than funding organisations
  • Commissioning services where there is clear evidence of need for services that complement borough and other services to support organisations that deliver services
  • Commissioning services where it is economical and efficient to deliver services on a London-wide basis or where mobility is key to delivery of a service to secure personal safety
  • Commissioning services that can not reasonably be delivered locally, at a borough or sub-regional level
  • Commissioning services that work with statutory and non-statutory partners and contribute to meeting the objectives of the Equality Act 2010.


  1. Combatting Homelessness
  2. Tackling Sexual and Domestic Violence
  3. Priority 3 (completed June 2019)