Academisation - London Councils statement

  • By Gemma Kappala-R...

Responding to the government’s decision not to convert all schools into academies, Cllr Peter John, London Councils’ Executive member for children, skills and employment, said:

“Revoking the decision to force all schools to become academies is great news for London’s schools. They can now focus on improving their already enviable results at Key Stage 2 and GCSE, working in partnership with boroughs, parents and central government to offer London’s children the best quality education possible. 

“Money set aside to help schools convert – said to be around £500m – should now be used to level up funding across the country, ensuring no child is disadvantaged by the introduction of a new national funding formula.”


Notes to editors:

In a news story published by the BBC on 3 April 2016, a Department for Education spokesman said government had “over £500m available in this Parliament to build capacity in the system, including recruiting excellent sponsors and encouraging the development of strong multi-academy trusts.”