Item 8 - Devolution and Public Service Reform (L13/10)


This report provides an update on recent work in pursuit of devolution and reform of public services in London. 

The Congress of Leaders, comprising the Mayor of London and the London Councils’ Leaders Committee, met on 14 July 2015 and endorsed an agreed version of the London Proposition as a framework for engagement with Government.  

Subsequently, the Chancellor announced a deadline of 4th September, for authorities across the country to make submissions on devolution. A version of the London Proposition was duly submitted, having been updated to reflect progress made in the workstreams over the summer, with the aim of providing the basis of further discussion and negotiation with Government.  

This work is intended to provide a platform to help boroughs – individually and in voluntary sub-regional groupings – to advance their reform ambitions.  As the work develops, engagement with boroughs and sub-regional groupings is being strengthened to help pursue these ambitions.


Leaders’ Committee is asked to:

1)    Note the submission of the London Proposition to Government, following endorsement of the framework at the London Congress meeting on 14 July 2015.
2)    Note the work which is continuing to provide further operational detail in support of the discussions with Government, working closely with boroughs and sub-regional groupings.