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PTP-Cycle: Training Workshop

Personalised Travel Planning Workshop - Tools and methodologies to develop and implement effective PTP in workplaces, universities and residential settings. 

  • By London Councils

PTP-Cycle is a project using Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) methods to promote a shift from private motor vehicle use towards cycling, walking and public transport. The PTP-Cycle training workshop will offer free advice and support to local and regional authorities, businesses and NGOs on how to set up Personalised Travel Planning projects, and engage in direct conversations with citizens to encourage travel behavior change.

Participants will be able to:

  • Learn the principles and practice of setting up and delivering effective PTP projects in different settings.
  • Discover PTP tools and resources and learn how to use them to suit local context.
  • Hear from people with first-hand experience of delivering PTP.
  • Find out about current and prospective European funding opportunities for PTP projects.

The event will take place on Wednesday 18 November 2015 from 10.00 to 15:00 in Brussels, Belgium. Registration is open until 13 November on the event webpage. 

The workshop will be led by UK charity Sustrans and delivered in partnership with Polis, London European Partnership for Transport (LEPT) and PTP-Cycle partner cities. LEPT are able to fund travel and accommodation costs for two borough offices interested in implementing personalised travel planning. Any boroughs interested in attending the workshop or who want further information should contact Alex Quayle.

To learn more about personalised travel planning and the project please visit the PTP-Cycle project website.

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