Statement from the Association of London Directors of Children's Services


As Leaders of London’s Children’s Services, we are appalled by the killing of George Floyd. It served as a stark example of the systemic nature of racism and the lived experience of many black people around the world, including the UK. 

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world and it is our privilege to lead services which support, protect, nurture and educate London’s children. We are therefore committed to challenging racism so that it will cease to impact on the lives and futures of our children and young people.

We are proud of the diversity of our workforce and acknowledge the huge contribution that Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic members of that workforce make. 

We are committed to improving our working practices, training, support and recruitment processes to ensure that the leadership of London’s children’s services better reflects the workforce and the communities we serve. We will actively challenge stereotypes and racial injustice whether in frontline practice, work with partners, or management of services.

We recognise that the Black Lives Matter Movement presents a challenge to do better which applies to all of us.


15 June 2020


The Association of London Directors of Children's Services (ALDCS) is a pan-London body representing all of London's statutory Directors of Children's Services. It provides strategic leadership which promotes and improves the work boroughs do to offer all children and young people the best start in life and opportunities and support to achieve their full potential.