Item 6 - Moving Forward on Health Care Reform (L14/7)


This paper considers three areas of focus for significant progress on health and care reform during 2015/16 that form part of the preparation needed to be ready for more ambitious care reform requiring devolution.  The Executive supported these proposals in their recent meeting and Leaders Committee is now asked to commit to progress on them across London.


The Leaders Committee is asked to discuss how progress can be made within existing powers to move forward on health and care reform within 2015/16 and, in particular, to:

1.    agree that all London’s Health and Wellbeing Boards should be strengthened as system leaders for locally driven health and care reform during 2015/16 and that London Councils’ should refresh the stocktake of London Boards at the end of the year; 

2.    agree to establish effective sub-regional arrangements between boroughs and the NHS in London during 2015/16 and note that a project that the Capital Ambition Board has agreed in principle to fund should be developed to support this; 

3.    commit to working with local partners to secure a significant further step change in integration to deliver on London Councils core principles for the Better Care Fund in 2016/17; and

4.    that progress around the capital on each of these goals for the current financial year should be reported back to Leaders’ Committee regularly.