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Item 5 - Spending Review 2015: Update (L14/7)


Spending Review 2015 is expected to be in late autumn, and is likely to outline departmental spending limits for the next four years. London local government is again likely to face a disproportionate level of funding reductions. This comes during a period of growing demand driven, primarily, by a rapidly growing population.

The Spending Review provides an opportunity for London Councils to put a clear and persuasive case to Government about the challenge facing London that must be addressed if local services are to be maintained, and further economic growth achieved, in this Parliament.

The development of the Spending Review submission sits alongside, and is closely linked to, the work to secure further devolution and resources in public services in London.

This paper summarises the broad outline that London Councils’ submission will take.


Leaders are asked to note the report and to offer guidance and comment on both the proposed shape of the overall submission and the specific issues that it covers.