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Item 23 - Items Considered by the TEC Elected Officers under the Urgency Procedure (TEC18/6)

A report was sent to TEC Elected Officers under the London Councils’ Urgency Procedure on the proposal to rebrand the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS). To enable a rebrand to go ahead with minimal costs, this needed to be undertaken to coincide with the move from Angel Square to Chancery Exchange and the change in operations resulting from the change in the supporting contractor. Both changes take place in early July 2015 and preparatory work would need to start immediately. Responses were required form TEC Elected Officers by 21 April 2015



TEC Members are asked to note the report that went to TEC Elected Officers on 15 April 2015 (listed below) which was sent out under the Urgency Procedure.

Appendix A – Proposal to Rebrand the Parking & Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS)