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Item 16 - Freight Strategy Update

This paper has been prepared for the Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) of London Councils to provide a high level update on our strategic approach to freight. 

The paper also recommends the establishment of a borough officers freight working group through a partnership between London Councils and Transport for London (TfL) and outlines key areas of our freight work programme with boroughs to date. 

The committee is asked to: 

•    Note TfL’s approach to developing a new freight strategy for London; our engagement with businesses, operators and local authorities; and the progress to date in defining our strategic approach and aims.
•    Endorse the establishment of a borough officer freight working group and acknowledge this will be reviewing existing controls, including the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS).
•    Note the key elements of TfL’s current programme of work with boroughs described in appendix 1.