Intelligent London and Skills Match

Intelligent London is commissioned by the Young People’s Education and Skills (YPES) team at London Councils and is an interactive online tool for analysing and visualising data on the education and skills of young Londoners. The website allows users to explore a wide range of indicators at regional, pan-London, local authority and provider level.

On 15 September 2021, a session was held to help colleagues find out more about Intelligent London.  The video of this session is available below.


Skills Match

Skills Match is an interactive tool which allows the visual exploration of the relationship between skills supply and employer demand in London up to 2020. It brings together skills data and labour market data (at Level 3 and below), enabling policy-makers, practitioners and employers to take an intelligence-led, geographically-specific approach to addressing youth unemployment in London. Please read the Skills Match release note for more information. 

We want to create a product that genuinely helps users to make informed decisions and makes a positive impact on young people’s lives. We need your input to achieve this aim.  As well as being a tool that can help practitioners improve their understanding of the London skills and labour market, and because of the unique data approach that we have taken, we would like  Skills Match to be used as a foundation for further exploration by other data analysts. Please get in touch if you are interested in working with us.

Skills Match has been developed by MIME Consulting in partnership with London Councils, and was funded by the  Open Data Breakthrough Fund.