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Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets

2015: a mayoral election was called after the previous mayor was removed from office. Labour's John Biggs became the directly elected mayor.

In the 2014 elections 45 seats and one mayoralty were contested.

Labour: 20 seats
Tower Hamlets First: 18 seats
Conservative: 4 seats 
(One ward - Blackwall & Cubitt Town - did not take part in 22 May election due to the death of a candidate)

Result: Independent (Tower Hamlets First) hold - Lutfar Rahman re-elected as mayor.

2010 Labour: 41 seats Conservative: 8 seats Liberal Democrat: 1 seats Respect: 1 seat Mayor Lutfur Rahman was elected as an independent with 51.8% of the vote Overall borough turnout: 62.09%
2006 Labour: 26 seats Conservative: 7 seats Liberal Democrat: 6 seats  Respect: 12 seats Overall borough turnout: 40%
2002 Labour: 35 seats Liberal Democrat: 16 seats Overall borough turnout: 30.4%
1998 Labour: 41 seats Liberal Democrat: 9 seats Overall borough turnout: 34.4%