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Fixed price trips in taxis

  • By London Councils

Fixed price trips are journeys carried out at a fixed price instead of being charged on the meter in licensed black taxis.  Metered trips often mean the cost of the same journey can vary because of the time taken or the distance travelled to complete the trip can vary.

The benefits of a fixed price trip are:

  • it means you always pay the same amount (which is just the minimum passenger contribution)
  • on average the fixed price is cheaper than the metered fare.

From January 2015, 10 new fixed price taxi trips each month will be allowed. If you would like to suggest a trip to be considered for a fixed price please contact 020 7908 0271. To qualify for a fixed price taxi trip the journey should meet the following criteria:

  • the trip must not be time critical (so trips to and from supermarkets are ideal)
  • the trip must be a single swipe journey

 Please note that not all suggested journeys may be suitable for a fixed price.