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Item 8 - Nominations to Outside Bodies and Appointment of TEC Advisers




This report seeks the Committee’s nominations to various outside bodies which relate to the work of the Committee for 2012/13.

All nominations to outside bodies are made by the London Councils Leaders’ Committee which has delegated this function to an Appointments Panel comprising of the Elected Officers. The Appointments Panel further delegated the task to the Chief Executive of London Councils, within agreed guidelines including consultation with the chair of the relevant London Councils member body, in this case the Chairman of London Councils’ Transport & Environment Committee. The list of approved nominations will then go before London Councils Elected Officers sitting as the Appointments Panel for ratification.



The Committee is asked to:


  • Agree names to be passed on to the Chief Executive of London Councils, for appointment to outside bodies; and
  • Appoint Advisers to the Committee as listed in the report.