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"Yet another wake-up call" - London Councils responds to Government temporary accommodation figures

In response to new homelessness data being published by the Government, Cllr Darren Rodwell, Executive member for Regeneration, Housing and Planning, London Councils, said:

“Today’s figures are yet another wake-up call about the worsening housing crisis in London and across the country. The number of London families living in temporary accommodation continues to be the highest of any region. 1 in 23 London children currently call temporary accommodation home, one child for every classroom. This is simply unsustainable, stretching local services beyond their limit and having an untold impact on people’s lives, especially children.

“Emergency action is needed to ensure that affordable housing is available to all those who need it. London boroughs are playing our part – over the last year we started the highest number of new council-built homes since the 1970s. But we can’t do it alone. Raising Local Housing Allowance, enabling a broader range of housing to be acquired by councils and improving co-ordination across Government would be game-changing.” 

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