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Figures show London’s 2024 target for council housebuilding beaten already

London Councils has welcomed new data showing an increase in delivery of new council housing in the capital.

Figures released by the GLA reveal that London boroughs have already exceeded the target of 20,000 council-built homes by 2024. That target was set in 2018 by the Mayor of London and has been reached a year early, with more council-built homes started in the capital in 2022 than any year since the 1970s.

Cllr Darren Rodwell, London Councils’ Executive Member for Regeneration, Housing & Planning, said:

“Boroughs are proud to be building the next generation of council homes across the capital. We want to give more Londoners the opportunity to live in affordable, high-quality homes – and increasing the supply of council housing is vital to achieving that.

“London’s housing pressures remain immense. Although we’re pleased with the progress being made, we remain absolutely determined to keep driving up delivery and building the homes our communities are crying out for.”

London faces the most severe homelessness crisis in the country, with London Councils’ analysis showing that homelessness rates are rising. The cross-party group estimates 166,000 Londoners – equivalent to the entire population of a city such as Oxford – are homeless and living in temporary accommodation arranged by their local borough.

London Councils highlights that the capital’s chronic shortage of affordable housing is the key factor behind these high rates of homelessness. Boroughs continue to press for more powers and resources from central government to support delivery of new housing and help meet the shared priority of tackling homelessness.

Boroughs recently launched a Housing Development Academy to ensure London has the skills required to deliver council-built homes in even larger numbers. Set up by the London Housing Directors’ Group with the support of London Councils and grant funding from the Greater London Authority,  the Academy reflects boroughs' key role in driving up delivery of affordable housing in the capital. 

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