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Boroughs welcome devolution push in UK Urban Futures Commission report

London Councils has welcomed a major new report from the UK Urban Futures Commission, which makes the case for unleashing the potential of the UK’s cities for boosting growth, repairing the social fabric, and meeting net zero targets.

The report, produced in partnership between the RSA and Core Cities UK, calls for a new suite of local powers to support city leaders and attract private sector investment.

Cllr Claire Holland, Acting Chair of London Councils, said:

“Devolving more powers and resources to the local level is key to addressing so many of the challenges communities face across the country – and this applies to London too.

“Compared to other countries around the world, the UK still operates within a highly centralised national structure that too often undermines local leaders’ ability to get the best possible results for residents.

“Boroughs in the capital are as determined as ever that London’s devolution journey is not yet over. With more financial levers at our disposal, we would be in a much stronger position to boost growth and invest in the long-term future of Londoners’ local services. We will continue to work alongside cities from across the UK in pushing forward this vital agenda.”


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