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Our Low Carbon Development Toolkit wins an award for climate change innovation

front cover of our low carbon development toolkit

The Low Carbon Development Toolkit, which we developed in collaboration with the London Borough of Hackney, won an award in the 'Planning to address climate change' category at the 2024 Planning Awards. 

The award is a recognition of local government’s efforts to advance low carbon development through strategic planning and collaboration, and a testament to the dedication and expertise of all those involved in creating it.

The toolkit is an important step towards achieving low carbon buildings and infrastructure by helping planning teams and bridging gaps in an ever-evolving planning landscape, where innovation is key.

Developed collaboratively by local authority policy and sustainability officers and built environment experts, the toolkit embodies a collective response from London boroughs. It is a collection of thirteen comprehensive documents that offer advice, guidance, and practical steps to support the development and implementation of low and zero carbon policies.

As the political and planning frameworks continue to evolve, the toolkit will also grow, providing up-to-date resources to help boroughs navigate and succeed in their low carbon initiatives.

Low Carbon Development Toolkit
PDF - 220 KB

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